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Does my resume need an Objective statement?


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Jennifer from the University of Houston – Downtown asked:

I often see articles on the web that offer employment tips. The majority of these tips make sense and are often repeated in other articles. One tip, however, has me confused: Should my resume have an Objective statement?

Some of the articles from career experts say that putting the “Objective'” on your resume is useless and a cliche and that most employers don’t even read them.

A lot of resume sites, however,  still suggest or even require an objective on resumes.

So what’s up with “Objectives”?

Hi Jennifer –

This is one of my favorite questions.  Why?  Because there are so many different opinions on the topic of Objectives.

First – please know that there is not one absolute and always correct answer to your question.  The right answer for you depends on your circumstances.  Don’t worry – I’ll explain…

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