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What tools do welders need?


Welder-011Ben from the Lamar Institute of Technology asked:

Can you point me to the right tools most commonly needed for welders. I have a hood, gloves, half round file, leathers, goggles, glasses, adjustable T-square, tip cleaners, folding rule, and tool bucket. What else do I need?

Hi Ben

I have to admit, welding is not my area of expertise, but your question gave me the opportunity to show how easy it can be to find information while looking for a job when you know where and how to look.

A basic Google search

I googled your question.  A lot of useless info came back to be sure, but the following news release came up, as well:

What Are The Basic Welding Tools For Welders?

The information is a little old, but it is sound.

It is amazing how valuable the most simple of searches can be.  Not always, of course, but often.

Company and Industry Discussion Forums

The news release mentioned above was produced by a company in the welding industry, so I searched for more companies and found some company and industry discussion forums that proved very valuable.  One offered a good reminder that you have to make sure you are asking the right questions if you want valuable answers.  The following response was very enlightening:

An Iron Worker Welder will carry much different tools than a Machinist Welder, and an Aerospace Welder will carry no tools. You need to be more specific with your questions.

Check out the Welding Design and Fabrication Discussion Forum and company discussion forums, like Miller Electric’s MillerWelds that answers the question  What tools should one own as an apprentice welder fabricator?

And, finally – check out YouTube

I found the following very helpful video: The 10 Must Have Hand Tools of Every Welder

Hope this helps!



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