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Top 10 things hiring managers look for in candidates


Top 10 winnerI recently attended the annual conference of the Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers in Chicago. One of the general sessions featured a panel discussion with members of The Career Advisory Board. As part of this panel, CAB member Kristin Leary, Vice President of Global Talent  at Quintiles, presented the top 10 things hiring managers look for in candidates, gleaned from the Career Advisory Board’s Job Preparedness Indicator Report.

Here is that top 10 list (with my parenthetical commentary).

Top 10 things hiring managers look for in candidates

  1. Positive Attitude (focus on the opportunities in your life, not the obstacles)
  2. Strong Work Ethic (show up, work hard, set higher standards for yourself than your boss sets for you)
  3. Excellent Communication Skills (talk and write write well; not just in social media shorthand)
  4. Interpersonal Skills (look up from your iPhone and look at people when you talk to them)
  5. Self Motivation (motivating you is more your job than it is your boss’s)
  6. Collaboration Skills (can you work and play well with other and be productive?)
  7. Business Acumen/Skills (successful means that you understand expenses cannot exceed income)
  8. Intellectual Curiosity (employers want lifelong learners – be one!)
  9. Local & Global Perspective (there are people who live, think and act differently than you; respect those differences)
  10. Passion (if you’re not doing something you care about, find something else to do)

The one thing missing from this list, of course, is the most important:  Employer want you to have the skills needed to do the jobs they need to fill.   Everything on this top 10 list is very important IN ADDITION to education, skills and experience, NOT INSTEAD OF of education, skills and experience.

Develop and nurture all aspects of you qualifications and you will be successful.


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