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What can I do with an Associate degree in Applied Science?


applied_scienceVendula at San Jacinto College asked:

What can I do with an Associate degree in Applied Science? I am interested in Information Technology field. I would like to know what would be the best choice of degree for me to start my studies.

Hi Vendula

Yours is a short question with some some potentially very long answers!

A degree in applied science does not – by itself – prepare you to do one, specific thing. It offers you the opportunity to get education and training in a general field – applied science – but does not align with a specific job or jobs.

What you can do with an Associates degree in Applied Science when you graduate depends upon what you do to complete your degree; that is – which classes you take and why. So, choose your concentration of study carefully.

Some people who earn Associate degrees in Applied Sciences choose to work in medical/healthcare roles in administrative, technical, laboratory support and other areas.  Some of these roles will require additional certification beyond your degree and some will not.  For example, this degree can be a stepping stone to a career in nursing, but you cannot become a nurse with this degree alone.

Others will choose to work in businesses that serve the medical/healthcare, green technology, environmental and governmental sectors in sales, administrative and technical roles.  Still others will choose to focus on developing their technical skills in computers and high technology.  Again, some of these jobs are accessible with the degree alone and others will require additional licenses and/or certifications.

If you wish to work in an information technology related field, choose concentrations that focus on information technology.

You job in getting a college degree goes beyond signing up for and taking classes and accruing credits toward a degree.  It involves making decisions regarding which classes you will take (and why) and what skills you wish to develop (and why).

It is very good that you are thinking about this before starting your degree.  THAT is the right time to start your career exploration.  Waiting until after you have a degree is the WRONG time to start that exploration.

Here are a three resources to help get you started in your search.

San Jacinto College Career Center – the career center available to you as a student of San Jacinto College.

What do you like? – a career exploration resource provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Texas Reality Check – a career exploration resources provided by the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Education Agency.

Good Luck!



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