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What can I do with a Masters in HR – Rehabilitation Counseling?


rehabcounsel-WhereDoWeWorkBrandi from East Central University asked:

I will graduate with my Master’s Degree in Human Resources Rehabilitation Counseling in less than a month.  I would like to know what job opportunities will be available to me and where I should focus on sending out my resume’.

Hi Brandi –

Since you are getting a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, I assume you wish to work in the field of Rehabilitation Counseling. So, with that in mind:

The first thing you need to do is develop your knowledge of the job market in the field

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’  Occupational Outlook Handbook provides a very good overview of the job market and employment outlook for Rehabilitation Counselors.

You will see that Rehabilitation Counselors work in vocational rehabilitation, family services, state and local governmental agencies, mental health and substance abuse hospitals/facilities, residential care, community services, emergency services, insurance, education support services, medical facilities, and nursing facilities.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has also produced a career overview for Rehabilitation Counselors.  It is a very informative 2-page read.

Next, become familiar with the professional communities in Rehabilitation Counseling

Acquaint yourself with the activities and services of the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association, the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association and the National Council on Rehabilitation Education

Then, confirm your credentials

Rehabilitation Counseling is a field with strict licensure, certification and registration requirements.  In order to be a qualified candidate for hire, you many need to have credentials in place (or in process) beyond your degree itself.  Check out the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification for details.

By the way, the CRC also has a Career Center. Seek the assistance of your college career center, too.

Brandi, do your research so you will know where to look, connect with the relevant professional communities in your area so you will know who to talk to to get more information and network professionally, and make sure your credentials are in order so that you will have a compelling story to tell.

As a job seeker – your “job” is to understand the employment market in your field and how you fit into it, so that you can be authentic and convincing when you tell an employer “I want that job, and I know I have the qualifications!”

Congratulations on your pending graduation, and good luck on your job search!



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