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What companies are most likely to hire graduates of my university?


new_alumni_picRegina from California State University – Bakersfield asked: 

I’m an English Major with a Public Policy Administration Minor; I wanted to know which companies are most likely to hire CSUB alumni? I am also seeking a position in contracting or underwriting perferably in the insurance industry as I have my license.  Any advice you can give me on the companies that hire these positions and suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Regina –

Your first question – Which companies are most likely to hire CSUB alumni? – is a challenging one to answer.  Most companies do not make recruiting decisions primarily by school.  They make decisions based on how they can most efficiently and economically find candidates with the skills, experience and expertise they need to fill the positions they have open.  That said, geography and school ties do play a role:

Alumni often look to their Alma Mater when they need to hire

Who loves a school more than its alumni!  Alumni who valued their college experience often like to “pay it forward” by looking to their Alma Mater for interns and employees when they need to hire.  It is a long standing tradition at most schools and a great way for alumni to “give back” without having to write a check to the Annual Fund. I’ll bet the CSUB Roadrunners like to help other Roadrunners!  Start with your University Career Center and see how they can help you connect with alumni.  Also, join the CSUB Alumni LinkedIn Page and visit the CSUB Alumni page for more information on connecting with alumni.

Many graduates wish to work near where where they went to school and many employers prefer to hire from the local talent pool

Whenever possible, employers like to hire from their local community.  The candidate review and selection process is usually less expensive and the on-boarding process using goes a lot more quickly when you don’t have to bring in candidates from outside the local area.  Hiring locally is not always an option (or the best option) but when it is possible, employers like to do so; particularly small and mid-size employers.

Look at the pool of employers around where you live and go to school.  Who is in your immediate vicinity?  Of these employers, which ones are in industries that match your interests, skills, education and experience.  Answer those questions, and you will have a good idea of where the best opportunities for you can be found.

Employers target specific universities and degree programs when they offer candidates that match their hiring priorities

Affiliation (alumni) and proximity (local talent pool) won’t matter unless the candidate pool meets the employer’s hiring needs.  Employers will target specific schools when those schools are a proven source of the kind of talent they need.  Employers that target specific campuses (often larger employers) usually do so through the University Career Center, so check with them to see who recruits on campus and what types of candidates they are seeking.

How to find a job in insurance underwriting

underwriting1You can and should look at the major job boards (Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, etc.) for insurance underwriting opportunities in your area, but also look at the industry specific resources unique to your field.  For example: – Underwriting Jobs

These are just a few suggestions and ideas to get you started.

Good luck!



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