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What can I do with a degree in Family and Consumer Science?


doors-optionsLaura from Utah State University asked: 

I graduated with a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences.  I am currently working as a nanny but am wondering what job/career options I have other than teaching in secondary schools.

Hi Laura –

Your options are wide open!  That is the blessing and that is the curse – both at the same time!

Don’t define yourself by your college degree!

Certainly, you are not going to be an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant (without additional education, at least!), but there are many jobs and many fields that do not require a specific degree. The good news is that your degree in Family & Consumer Sciences leaves you a lot of options.  The bad news is that it doesn’t offer you much specific career direction if you don’t want to teach.  So, you have to provide that direction yourself.  I recommend you seek the assistance of the career advisors at your college.

The team at  Utah State Career Services will offer some good advice and direct you to their relevant services.

Also, check out a couple of my other recent blog posts answering similar questions;

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Explore your options!

Use the internet to explore the world of possibilities you might consider.  Be curious. Be crazy curious!  You’ll be amazed by what you might find.

Check out the Careers in Family and Consumer Science page on the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) website.  Did you even know the AAFCS existed?

Have you seen Career Pathways in Family and Consumer Science from the Utah Mountainland Region?  Sure, this information is targeting high school students, but it is addressing the same industry and topic that you are researching. Good information is good information, no matter how old you are.

Get first hand advice!

When you find a job that interests you and want to learn more, ask someone doing that job for some first hand advice.  Its called an Informational Interview.  Download and review my Informational Interviewing Guide.  It will give you some pointers on where to begin.

I hope this gives you a jump start!

Good luck!



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