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Are there jobs for Medical Coders in Mississippi?


Instructor1April from Antonelli College asked: 

Are there any job openings in Hattiesburg, Mississippi for medical coders?

Hi April,

While I am not personally familiar with the Hattiesburg market, I know a quite a bit about looking for a jobs, including where and how to look.  Here are my tips for getting started.

Use the resources of your college career center

Antonelli College offers career services in Hattiesburg area.  Be sure to connect with them for assistance:  Antonelli College Career Services – Placement Assistance.

Leverage the resources of your professional association

I trust you have your credential from the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)?  Did you know AAPC has a job board, salary information, and other career resources and information, including a Facebook page.  Connect with your professional association to connect with opportunities.

American Association of Professional Coder’s (AAPC) Job Board

AAPC 2012 Salary Survey

AAPC Facebook Page

Check on the online job boards that focus on medical billing and coding opportunities

Go to Indeed, SimplyHired,, and other job and information boards online for information and resources.

Medical Billing & Coding World’s Career Outlook for Medical Billing & Coding

How much does a medical coder make?

Medical Coder Jobs in Hattiesburg MS on

Medical Coder Jobs in Hattiesburg MS on

Medical Billing Jobs in Mississippi on

Finding a job is like exercising or dieting.  They only way you will see results is if you make a concerted, effort to stick to a plan and monitor and measure your activities toward your goal.  You also have to use the right tools.  Hopefully, the resources I outlined above will help you get started.

Good Luck,



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