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Where can I find information on opportunities to work overseas?


Job mouse earthTony from DeVry University asked:

I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems.  I have heard there is a lot of opportunity overseas that may last few months to a year and offer free or low room and board and train you in specific areas.  Is there a site or any searches that you recommended to learn what is being offered along these lines?

Hi Tony-

There is a variety of opportunity overseas, but often it can be in dangerous places, and some will require security clearance.  Very often when you are working overseas for a company, particularly in a hostile or dangerous territory, they will provide assistance in finding secure housing or provide housing and security services.  Most companies will also train you to work for them, but will not be willing to teach you how to do you job. They will expect you to bring a core set of qualifications.

So, in addition to being willing to work overseas, you also have to be a qualified candidate for the jobs they need to fill.  Given that your degree is in Computer Information Systems, there is a good chance you might be qualified for some IT or computer related positions.

Here are links to a few job boards you may find useful: Job Board – Overseas Contract Jobs

Strategic Global Staffing

International Contractor’s Association Job Board

Also, look at the corporate employment sites of companies that hire a lot of overseas contractors. including:

Flour’s U.S. Army’s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program IV (LOGCAP)

USIS Contractor Opportunities

Halliburton Careers Page

Hope this helps you get started!



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