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How can an international student find a job in the US?


MAP2Max from Oklahoma City University asked:

I am an international student, and I went to my University bookstore to apply for an on-campus job.  They told me they could not hire me because my Visa will expired in June of this year.  I am legally in the US, and I am really frustrated because I need to study and work in the US.  How can I as an international student find a job in the US while I am in school?

Hi Max –

The answer here is easy, but I am not sure it will solve your problem.

Your work eligibility in the US as a foreign student is completely determined by your Visa status.  This can be complex, and I am not an expert in immigration law, so I cannot give you  a specific answer – but your International Student Office can.

The International Student Office at your university should be able to tell you specifically what your Visa does and does not allow with regard to working in the US.  There is no gray area here.  It will be very clear cut.

The answer you get may not be the answer you are hoping to get, but it will be based on your visa status and it will be accurate. Once you know what your options are, use that information when you look for a job.  You need to know what your work eligibility is before you apply for a job.  Don’t depend upon a potential employer to know your options.

Good luck



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