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Cool resumes for creative professionals!


Don’t be dull!

If you are a creative professional or you aspire to be one, your resume should be unique and creative, too.

It should show and tell your story, and it should do so using words, images and formatting that will resonate with your target audience.  Use your creative skills in your resume, and you will give them evidence of your creativity

Check out the following examples of creative resumes

The authors of these resume are all creative advertising students from the University of Texas at Austin’s Advertising Program, and the have given me permission to share their resumes in this blog and in our Resume Gallery.

If you are an aspiring creative – follow their example (but don’t copy their work- – that wouldn’t be creative, it would be lazy and dishonest!)

If you hire creative professionals – here are six really talented candidates!

Robert Abasolo

Brittney Brenner

Kevin Forister

Rhett Ryan

Chelsea Vermiere

Jonathan Westerfield

Thanks Robert, Brittney, Kevin, Rhett, Chelsea and Jonathan! And congratulations . . .

You didn’t claim to be creative in your resumes – you proved you are creative through your resumes!

Find more creative resumes from the Facebook page for The Undercover Recruiter.


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