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How do I improve the appearance of my resume?


Claudia at  Devry University – Fort Washington, PA asked:

I just feel like my resume is not getting any attention.  How do I improve the appearance of my resume? 

Hi Claudia –

Resumes are deceptively complex documents.  Most people think their resume is an informational document; a basic summary of their education, experiences and skills.  Not so!

To be an effective tool in your search for a job or internship, your resume needs to be a marketing document. It should be focused on delivering a specific and relevant message about you to your target audience.

It should help the reader understand who you are, the qualifications you offer and the type of opportunities you are seeking.

In order to know what to include in your resume, you must be able to answer the following question: What do you want employers to learn about you, your education, your experience and your skills when they read your resume?  

In short, what is the core message of your resume?

The formatting of your resume must also be clean, consistent and easy to navigate for the reader.

I’ve written a Resume Writing Guide you can download from this website.  Just to the Job Search Guides tab and click on the “Resumes” icon.  Also, check out the resume examples on the Resume Gallery.

Hope this helps,



  1. Claudia Dominguez says:

    thanks Matt

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