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Welcome to – a service of CSO Research Inc. 

This blog provides career advising and coaching resources and information to benefit the students of CSO’s 600+ client colleges and universities across the US and around the world.

Content is provided primarily by me –  Matt Berndt, CSO’s Director of Communication & Career Services with additional content provided by  Mason Gates, CSO’s Director of Employer Engagement,  and other of our colleagues at CSO and friends in career services and recruiting. 

I have been described as a “career evangelist because of my passion for helping college students proactively explore their career options and pursue careers paths that match their skills, interests, goals and aspirations.

My philosophy of career planning and management is simple:

Life is short. Work somewhere awesome! 

Yes, I know that “working somewhere awesome” is not easy to achieve.    Why is that?   Well . . . 

Consider this:

According the the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  most of us will have more than 10 jobs over the course of our careers

And this:

Many of the jobs and careers  that will drive economic development in the future don’t even exist yet.  Remember, social media didn’t exist ten years ago!

Kind of makes the whole “what am I going to do with the rest of my life?” question college students ask sound a little bit silly, don’t you think.

See, it’s not about about knowing what you are going to do with the rest of your life RIGHT NOW.

It’s about learning how to navigate your career journey through its unavoidable changes, peaks, and valleys in a way that will allow you to live the life you want to live, meet your obligations, and make decisions according to your personal and professional priorities.

The content of this blog – and my philosophy in general – is centered on helping college students  explore their options and navigate their career paths from the minute the step on campus for the first time to long after they graduate and progress through their careers, because no one else will do this for them.

You may not always agree with the advice and commentary I offer.

That’s okay! There is not one specific career planning and management “recipe” that will work for everyone.  

My goal with this blog to to get students thinking about how they can best use their skills, gifts, talents, education, resources and relationships to forge a work life that suits them well and meets their wants and needs.

Welcome aboard – put on your seat belt – enjoy the ride!




  1. Lynda Cancino says:

    August 30, 2013
    Dear top executives and administrative personnel over multiple parties herein:
    If you do not like your job, please do not read this!
    I have been through a mentally exhausting week due to so many factors.
    I contacted Enterprise Rent a Car branch located at 2215 S Dixie Highway to be picked up 4:30pm. I was picked up at approximately 6:30pm driven to this branch by a girl who had called me earlier for directions which I chewed her ear off when she asked me directions to get to my home because she was new in the area, I told her that I was not sorry that you don’t know your way around, get a GPS if picking up passengers is part of your job’s description or better yet drive one of your company’s cars with built in GPS’s. I am in the middle of 1001 things and you are almost two hours late to pick me up, come on, seriously?. Now reader, it’s hard to believe what happened next but since I was the one who experienced it through my flesh and bones, I pinky swear that the following is the truth and nothing but the truth, I swear under oath. Ten minutes after arriving at this Enterprise location, I found myself having an absurd confrontation with rude girl at front desk supposedly named Kayla because she attempted to bill me a higher fee for a smaller car without attempting to validate my original online reservation or worse, consulting with me first. . Rude girl said that said vehicle was not available and went on to complain about how the girl who picked me up was the same person who had gone out earlier but could not reach me because someone had written down my incorrect phone number. Hello, not my fault and if anything, I should be the one infuriated with the lack of remaining borrowed time I had left to accomplish all that I needed to do. Seconds later, a supposedly named manager Beatrice Jandin, with no business cards made, verbally attacked me in middle of the open office space among other customers/persons who are strangers to me, that they will not rent me a car due to the fact that my driver license is not valid, it is suspended and linked and to charges of fraudulent use of credit cards. WOW, if there was a day to kill myself, it would have been today but since I am a coward, I have instead decided to write to you this email which has literally taken me hours to write. Oh, important fact, when I asked this supposedly supervisor lady, Beatrice to speak to her supervisor, and she responded I quote, “I am it, I am the highest authority here and what I say goes no questions asked”. She added to say that I was welcome to come back on Tuesday and perhaps the other alternative manager could rent me a car, what?, I was so confused yet I dared not ask what she meant by that nor did I care to know. All that I knew was that it was past 7:00pm, I had no car and felt numb from unexplained pain that I experienced from this incident. \
    I sincerely wish, honestly& humbly pray and trust in almighty God himself that this email be read by all appropriate levels of governed offices, upper management of selected state agencies, chair members and stock holders of agencies involved in this formal written outrageous complaint and finally to anyone somewhere, anywhere and everywhere in my desperate need that you all can please either write, email, text and or call me with your detailed insight and informative action on how this story, my story will end? Muchas Gracias !
    Thanking ahead of time for your time in reading this email. God bless you, your family and your office. I remain,
    Sincerely yours,
    Lynda Cancino
    400 S. Rosemary Avenue, APT #6
    West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    (561) 568-5154

    • Marie says:

      Dear Ms Cancino,
      As an employee of Enterprise that also happens to be connected with The Campus Career Coach, I was very sorry to hear of your issue with one of our branches. I shared your comments with the management team in South Florida and they let me know they had already heard of your situation and were reaching out to you directly. If you don’t hear from someone in the next day or two, please feel free to let me know. Hopefully we can help.

      Thank you,

      Marie Artim

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